Start the sale online - Finish at the dealership



Carzato has made it possible for car buyers to start their shopping experience online,  then direct them to the dealership to quickly and easily finalize their purchase. Our unique Online Retail Experience (automotive software solutions) drives incremental traffic and qualified leads to dealership so both sides of a car purchase win with digital retailing.


Efficiently Increasing Sales


Carzato offers an automotive industry-leading car retailing platform fully integrated in the brand and dealers websites for a highly efficient car-buying experience which reduces the time spent at the dealership, which in turn increases sales. Digital retailing - software solutions.

Improve Customer Satisfaction


Today's car-buyers begin their shopping online. We've created an experience that allows consumers to save valuable time, from vehicle selection to financing options, completing as much of the process online before going to the dealership to complete the transaction: digital retailing at its finest with innovative automotive software solutions.

Qualified Leads


After utilizing our car-buying process, dealerships receive highly qualified leads that spend less time in-store (avoiding wait times).The exact vehicle the customer wants can be quickly delivered. Highly qualified leads, drives increased sales of cars and autos, thus Carzato